The best crypto currencies of 2017

The best crypto currencies of 2017

For all those who are not yet convinced to invest in cryptocurrency, here is a small assessment of the year 2017. And this record is quite impressive!

A short report for crypto-skeptics


You may be one of those investors who have just watched the virtual currency market from a distance.

First, you may have noticed that this market is extremely volatile: it has not been uncommon for some currencies to jump 30% up and down.

And you say that volatility can be dangerous and that’s the reason you hesitated.

Yet, in view of the impressive results of this past year, you may have to decide.

The balance sheet of the oldest crypto currencies

Let’s start our little overview with the oldest of these crypto currencies.

Of course, Bitcoin was particularly noted this year, when it was close to 20,000 USD.

But in reality, in terms of percentages of gains it is not part of the top 10. Dash is a striking example with much more impressive gains of 13900% in mid-December.

Then, at the end of December, she went down again and ended the year with gains of 9265%.

Ethereum also had a great year. His earnings for 2017 are 9162%.

As for Litecoin, he ends the year with gains of 5045%.

Figures that leave you dreamy!

The year 2017 for new cryptocurrencies

As for the more recent currencies, overall they ended the year with sharp increases.

We can mention in the top 10, Nem, Stellar, Golem, Binance Coin and OmiseGo.

But this year’s all-round champion is the Ripple, with 36018% winnings !!

So if you had invested 1000 dollars in Bitcoin, you would have today 13180 dollars. While with Ripple, your winnings would have been 360018 dollars !!! And this growth took place especially in the last weeks of the year.

Ripple therefore caps all his competitors at the post, and in particular Bitcoin.

Which forecasts for crypto currencies in 2018?

At the start of 2018, the market capitalization of all crypto currencies is $ 673 billion.

For journalist Max Keizer, a specialist in virtual currencies, this rise should continue during this new year.

For him, Bitcoin should be confined to its role of digital gold, while other currencies will be more related to payments.

Max Keizer site especially the Dash: “Dash appears as the crypto payment rail while Bitcoin asserts itself as Gold 2.0. I suggest to those who are frustrated with the debate about scaling Bitcoin to adopt Dash for payments and let Bitcoin Core alone to continue working on Gold 2.0. “

For Ronnie Moas, famous stock manager, Bitcoin is expected to reach a value greater than 28,000 dollars. He explains: “The number (of Bitcoin available) is much lower than what people think it is. Much of Bitcoin has been lost, some has not been mined and many people like me do not want to sell their bitcoin at any price. “

As for other cryptocurrencies, they now represent a large share of the market, as Bitcoin only accounts for 37.5% of the total capitalization of virtual currencies. Whereas a year ago it exceeded 90%.

For all these reasons, the future of cryptocurrencies should be a bright future.

So for the year 2018, and if you invest in crypto currencies?

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