NEM Review

NEM Review

What Is NEM?

NEM is the first blockchain that is both public and private, simultaneously. It’s a crypto, but so much more. It’s also a blockchain project. It allows a number of unique features such as:

  • Payments
  • Messaging
  • Asset Making
  • A Naming System

In sum, NEM is a crypto currency but also provides important and relevant applications. With NEM, you send both messages and payments extremely quickly, and globally. You can also sell, trade, and buy products. NEM claims they’ll be including more features soon.

NEM does have some more specific features that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of them.

  • A sophisticated messaging system
  • A protected wallet that doesn’t even need to be online
  • The use of Mosaics. This allows you to work with your assets in a nuanced way. You can do things like divide, cap, or mute your assets.
  • A naming service called Namespace helps organizations with brand development
  • Fast and efficient mobile wallets
  • Spam protection
  • Node rewards

History of NEM

NEM got started by a user on the Bitcoin Talk platform. This user hoped to create a fork of NXT, but ultimately, developed a code of their own. It all got started with an open invitation to participate on the Bitcoin Talk forum. They wanted to create a community-oriented crypto. NEM’s worth could be assigned by the degree of stake one put into it, in the payment of NEMs. There was no legal binding, so a time limit of eight months was placed, to ensure everyone’s security and the projects true potential. Funds were distributed, and anything unclaimed was put back in support of the project. NEM came out in full form in March 2015. An update is planned for late 2017.

How NEM Works

NEM works much like Bitcoin in the sense that it’s another cryptocurrency. However, there are some differences. The key difference is that in addition to offering currency, NEM also offers a platform full of features. You can purchase the currency and use the platform to send funds. Or, you can go to the website and register for NEM’s fast software, which allows you or your companies to take advantage of interesting features.

Why Invest in NEM?

  • It has a background of integrity, having been built from the ground up and acting faithfully to its originators
  • It offers advanced technology and high quality Blockchain
  • It expects further updates and expansion

NEM Cost

Just in the past few months, NEM has improved exponentially.



Value in USD

July 2015


January 2016


July 2016


January 2017


July 2017


NEM Clients

Tech Bureau has gone into partnership with NEM to create their next updated and high profile version, which has been named “Catapult.”

How To Invest in NEM

Getting started with investing in NEM is super easy. All you have to do is join on their website at and get their software. However, if you prefer to buy XEM only, you can do so at Bittrex or Poloniex.

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